◎ article / Yang Yuan Li Ming achieves Chinese quality in all, build quality power. In recent years, below the strong leadership in government of Party committee of province, city, changsha county closely around ” Jiang Yuanfu county actors or actress 2 promote 3 transition to upgrade shirt-sleeve development ” strategic deploy, comply with the development general trends that marchs toward times of metropolitan area economy by times of prefectural region economy actively, accelerate advance development of economic society high quality. Consciousness of supervisory management board of Changsha county market spans when good high quality the drive person that type develops, begin quality to promote the action deep, drive construction quality strong county each job obtains actual effect, help development of high quality of society of economy of force entire county. Strong county of quality of force of massage hair of hotel of the much Yang Tiandou that nod clear opens new bureau sauna of big public house of 20 Jincheng lotus is in a few buildings 18 years, changsha county realizes area total output value 150.9 billion yuan, finance gross income 35.6 billion yuan, add newly ” 4 on ” enterprise 224 the home, countries are new and high technical company 98, production value of property of new and high technology holds proportion of course of study of compasses go to work 75% , amount of foreign trade imports and exports occupies 1/3 of complete province 1/6, whole town. Changsha county is spending development of stage Vienna hotel to get with standing to rain south high quality Nanjing in running western. The taking of achievement, the much place that cannot leave quality construction sends force. The file publishs normative quality construction. Implement strategy of quality strong county for development, came on stage early or late ” the opinion that about boosting quality further strong county builds ” ” the executive scheme that reforms progress about advancing standardization to work deep ” wait for a file, to promote Changsha county high quality transition of development, stimulative economy upgrades, character of life of promotion common people provided strong safeguard. In the meantime, establish Changsha county ” prefectural quality award ” regard quality of Changsha county industry as top prize. 2018, quality of key industry product selectives examination percent of pass 95% , rank whole town front row. Advantage industry drives high quality development. Insist to cultivate burgeoning advantage industry, essence of life sends force definitely, make ” area piece catenary + quality promotes ” applied system, came on stage ” the policy that develops about supporting industry of area piece chain ” , promote development of high quality of area piece catenary. Establish a batch of quality surveyor’s pole and demonstrative model, helped a batch of medium and small businesses guide outstanding performance develops pattern, accelerate transition to upgrade. High level leads quality transition to upgrade. Hold to elaborate government from beginning to end in quality construction journey, drive through the government, market guiding, enterprise is given priority to, the means that international conforms, encourage an enterprise to use advanced level of international standard and abroad actively. Catch condominium together to ensure food safety. Carry a responsibility of food safety main body, hold to good faith to be from beginning to end civilian, compose is built ” party card is the same as duty catch together, peaceful countryside where has massage macrocosm to not have seam superintend, science is efficient detect, net of official of hotel of intercontinental of Changsha north celestial bodies is fed install join forces of integrated processing, society to be treated in all ” 5 cardinal principle are, amount to a hotel to normalize the action to ensure common people with Ning Xiangli ” the safety on the tip of the tongue ” . Efficient service escorts the Emperor quality construction. In the light of quality safety of innovation of promotion, quality, quality is mixed area brand punish, safety of severe blow quality violates act, accelerate optimize battalion business annulus to go the big public house that surround hill recommends clear this world condition. Recreational recreation acting quality builds this world of clear of the Changsha when base oneself upon new achievement 2017 to 2018, changsha county is chaired participate in establish national standard 18, occupation standard 10, local standard 10, obtain Chinese quality award to nominate award of quality of 1 the home, governor award of quality of 2 the home, mayors 1. Establish demonstrative town of countrywide food safety successfully, superintendency mode of safety of Changsha county food is judged 3 years to be the whole nation continuously ” demonstrative project of the people’s livelihood ” . Be founded successfully and consolidate national level exports construction of demonstrative division of safety of quality of food agriculture products, produce sells as far as to 63 countries and area; Obtain judge Hunan Province commissariat to produce example county. Upper country double achieve hatch base to obtain judge a province double start demonstrative base. Cultivate birds breeds contaminative litter resource to change use mode to be popularized in the whole nation. Heavy metal pollutes farmland to administer taking result, enter in the center of 19 big ” 5 years when encourage act vigorously enters ” large achievement exhibits showpiece. Take the lead in starting food agriculture products in complete province ” be the same as mark with the line coessential ” project, 5 enterprises are entered be stationed in national attestation appoint ” 3 with ” public service platform ” 3 taste one mark ” effective letter totals 161, attestation area and amount rank complete province first place. Build and perfect with detecting the center is room of bibcock, quick check additional ” Internet + food safety detects ” network system, nearly two years of devoted close ten million yuan in room of quick check of entire county layout 111, shed a domain among them hotel of in relief river of 67 Shenzhen clear, produce produces base 44. Food installs all inspection to measure 182 thousand batch, achieve 5.53 batch / 1000 people. On August 26, 2018, mid garden of industry of chain of first area piece — the star is sanded garden of Tian Xinge hotel establishs industry of area piece chain formally, 10 first enterprises that day autograph of hotel of international of blue front courtyard makes an appointment with Changsha to be stationed in. On October 25, center of national Internet lash-up and Changsha are made an appointment with via opening an area to be signed formally, establish the whole nation exclusive technology of security of catenary of an area piece detects center. Hand in a room to make card namely, open an account namely practice, make the land namely start working ” 3 namely ” reform target comes true in the round. Captured batch of complete provinces in September 2018 exclusive ” do on net of business start whole course ” reform pilot county. Up to now, peaceful countryside sufficient bath massages entire county to register main body of of all kinds market to exceed 123 thousand, grow 24.6% compared to the same period. Lead with the standard pass 3 ” advanced ” — advanced factory, advanced technique, advanced character. Engine of 3 water chestnut and whole trick-cycling change wide steam project fill complete province produces car engine blank oneself, the car is truckload produce can exceed hotel of academy of classical learning of Yue Lu of university of 1 million Hunan, production value breaks through 100 billion yuan. Changsha factory makes rich world save first Germany industry completely 4. The massage of where of city of Hunan Province peaceful country is good 0 surveyor’s pole. Steam masses, wide steam poors on the gram is known as example of world-class intelligence production factory. Intelligence of the land of country obtains province technology to invent first prize. Introduce nearly 20 doctors that academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences presents as leading role, establish poineering garden of innovation of doctor of Hunan head home. 100 million biology obtain the Supreme Being judge safety of quality of feed of Ministry of Agriculture to run normative demonstrative company. Town of Changsha county orchard has the honor to win the town that Hunan Province captures batch of project approving exclusively this year town of big public house of lotus of county of wall of new-style city stone changes course of integrated domain country standardization is pilot. Face prospective quality strong county to set out again big public house of lotus of face each other of big public house of stone door international holds to a problem to direct, focusing quality promotes. Next, changsha county still struggles continue, to push big public house of lotus of division of construction quality small shop strong province shows Changsha county to take on. Farther aggrandizement party provides quality. Solid begin quality to promote special travel to grow model of Ktv of sanded Hua Tian to move, drive standard, quality, brand, credit ” quaternity ” linkage promotion, compose is built ” combination of dominant of Party committee leader, government, branch, proprietor of an enterprise duty, the society is participated in ” structure of great quality work. Farther outstanding standard leads. Guide advantage company to found country and provincial standardization to set an example base of area, production and demonstrative enterprise, urge organization standard pilot job; Encourage what the enterprise takes an active part in dominant international standard, state level and occupation standard to make edit the job; Construction is level of a batch of states, provincial center of innovation of lab of key laboratory, project, technology. Make famous brand further. The key reachs information of medicine of component, biology, electron and modern other people to flow around project machine, car, originality of new energy resources and new material, culture domain of 6 keys industry, make image of a batch of brands the advantage company with top-ranking standard of complete, quality mixes platform of outstanding, service well-known trademark. Deepen superintendency service further. Focusing year quality promotes working target the task, sufficient bath superintend and director assesses 3 buildings of hotel of Cheng of luck of aggrandizement inspect peaceful countryside, drive mass promotion. Advance deep ” battalion business environment is optimized year ” the job, practical side helps an enterprise up to solve the bottleneck problem that exists in mass promotion, enhance company quality competition ability. Highlight mobile effect further. Solid had caught ” quality month ” activity, extensive transmission ” character is first ” quality culture and craftsman peaceful countryside sweep yellow hotel to have what mind, cogent solve common people care and consumer to reflect intense quality problem, do the activity drive the quality development, good platform that shows quality gain.

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