Public house of Yue Lu region books the the Changsha City

◎ Chen Pan signs up for feast of hotel of holiday of Ning Xianghua day to tell early morning, intelligent town of Chu Qiu, a warm Yang Yue gives the top of a mountain, the dorp greet that dawn laps, just like a landscape painting. On the road many a lot of unripe face- – the foreign visitor that countryside swims, stroll is early, climb, morning is experienced, understanding nods early. Rising and falling hill singing often rings, resound is between green hill green water. Drive intelligent person with oneself type began dozen of evolution of big public house of international of Changsha China day one day new. Changsha county north is here villages and towns drives intelligent town, gules party is built lead, green zoology appropriate is resided, orange builds vigor, purple macrocosm travels, blue environmental protection develops, leave colourfully intelligent, be full of infinite happiness.
Since new period, drive intelligent town around ” inheritance red gene, take the lead in revitalizing country ” development train of thought, stare at countryside closely to revitalize the strategy and ” Jiang Yuanfu county, actor 2 promote 3, transition upgrades, shirt-sleeve development ” overall demand, advantage of base oneself upon, dig gules, green greatly two great natural resources, made beautiful economy develop model. Village of price of room of big public house of countryside clear in relief river revitalizes window confused to show, reform innovation is ceaseless and thorough. Develop lag, property relatively from before onefold traditional agriculture villages and towns is preliminary grow for infrastructure increasingly perfect, public service is perfected stage by stage, the small town of characteristic of contemporary article brigade that characteristic industry grows quickly. Career of society of the people’s livelihood is advanced steadily, people lives and work in peace and contentment. Begin industrial side to help up deep, executive zoology grows the industry such as breed supports deficient project more than 10; Innovation establishs Changsha county to press down first educational foundation of street folk — ” board storehouse teachs fund ” , carry out couplet of joint defence of security of society to accuse, harmony of social overall situation is stable. Famous spend ceaseless promotion, become famous whole nation. In recent years, after opening Hui Zhenxian, obtain criticize villages and towns of national sanitation town, nation organisms’ habits, throughout the country first article brigade confluence is optimal 10 beautiful of characteristic brand small town, whole nation health raise summer of small town, 2019 China to be away for the summer holidays characteristic of travel destination, Hunan Province travels famous city, Hunan Province is optimal.

Witness gules story to reveal humanitarian impression   on September 27, 2019, if the tourist before door of Miao Baiying former residence is knitted, comfortable Feng Miaobai flower birthday 120 years, repair one new Miao Baiying former residence opens to the outside world afresh. “Miao Baiying is a Chinese Communist the first female Party member, the forefront that fights to move in motion of labour movement, woman and student all the time, still be the precursor that Chinese woman liberates motion. ” contain contain word of 8 years old the invite applications for a job of path sufficient bath of open season of clear of antrum round ground speaks of commentary. Last year, opened intelligent town to establish a small red that comprises by pupil to explain a group. The tissue is small the members that explain a group learn one of Yang Kaihui, Miao Baiying and whole nation’s earliest country Party branch — the gules story of willow slope Party branch. After the course grooms, children can have shed peaceful countryside to massage ground of sufficient bath benefit to explain Nanjing city rain to spend stage area rain to the tourist story of hero of revolution of Hua Jingli hotel. Spa of hall of body of clear in relief ease in recent years, open intelligent town to disentomb deep continuously gene of red of revolutionary martyr achievement, inheritance, ktv of big public house of Hua Yu of willow slope Changsha is normal relics gets the much place red such as former residence of Party branch, Miao Baiying reparative with protection, be carried out as what protection promotes gules culture project and the thorough mining that hotel of Vienna of Changsha of achievement of martyr of the revolution inside region visits a town, one large quantities of coagulation the revolutionary relics of gules gene is vestigial ” vivid ” rise; Explain to public the innovation means such as film of round, movie and TV, also make revolutionary story all previous long cover is new, coruscate is dark glamour.
Green hill green water depicts beautiful home   ” the water in original Liang Jiahe black, smelly, dare enter the water far from, now not only water is clear, avian, fish also came back. ” recently, luo Weilin of secretary of general Party branch of stone swallow village tells a reporter with all sorts of feelings. Ma Linhe of river of prefectural region sex originates from stone swallow village. According to Introduction Luo Weilin, ten years ago, because the village is peaceful,hotel of countryside constant Chu Yangguang develops aquaculture in 3 buildings, add environmental protection consciousness not strong, make zoology is destroyed, fluvial appearance changes greatly appearance, water quality is polluted badly. In recent years, in local government guide below, stone swallow village transforms actively producer type, carry out live pig to decrease clear silt of quantity, wadi and punish of system of black smelly water, build 6 artificial wet, after restoring modes of life and relation to their environment, water quality of bridge home river comes true from bad V kind water arrives of III water span type change. This world of clear of bridge home river celebrates water quality of phone of abundant building public house to just open intelligent guard to protect a flank of green water green hill. As we have learned, open intelligent town to be fulfilled seriously ” the river is long make ” responsibility of working go on a tour of inspection, finish collect processing of boat of arenaceous, corpse illegally to wait for each big special move. Carry out ” two rivers region ” cut corrupt carry qualitative, example river makes the Ma Linhe that start wait for a project, advance cultivate birds to ban be restricted to raise ban with straw, rubbish burn the job, executive country ” 5 treat ” , make zoology pledges hydrotherapy of clear in relief international is met place quantity accelerates promotion, environmental character is optimized ceaselessly. Innovation party is built arouse   of basic level vigor ” fear child of past of a holiday does not learn originally, the heart is wild, the village offers a such platform to let them can learn to be able to play again again, the path sufficient bath of free still day (peaceful country store) how. Worked hard to organize personnel and volunteer teacher! ” the class of summer vacation study that the village does ends, changsha county opens intelligent town to wave a parent says peak village path of anniversary of start business of big public house of Chang Defu Chengdu. Since 2012, drive intelligent town summer vacation time activity of free summer camp, the systematic project that regards attention as the people’s livelihood will catch, held 7 years continuously. Insist to be built with the party belt close build, innovate actively. The first day when flying a class, organize secretary of each village general Party branch to be the first class on student, schoolteaching content covers the red such as story of Yang Kaihui, Miao Baiying’s hero to teach content. “The university heads elementary school, affection of home town student ” summer vacation time coulds there be freely hotel of countryside hot spring which good groom the class just drives intelligent town ” the party is built + ” an epitome. In recent years, intelligent town is solid advance with ” project of huge rock of basic level foundation, collective economy flies project, party builds O2O to connect heart project, one village to taste characteristic project ” the party that is content builds 4 big projects and branch ” 5 stars 5 change ” construction. “The party is built + processing ” , ” the party is built + environmental protection ” , ” the party builds hurried to take off deficient assault fortified positions ” wait for effect peep, party building is accelerated if really change.
  of economy of travel of prize of first love small town ” farm raises a pig before, just earn 30 thousand one year multivariate, open a civilian constellation now, on a year of income 100 thousand. ” speak of to become rich road, open Peng Zhengxiang of villager of village of Hui Zhenxi blessing to laugh so that close not approach mouth. 2015, raise in the village two appoint below the appeal, peng Zhengxiang becomes the first batch ” eat crab ” person, investment makes oneself 100 thousand yuan countryside villager lodge for the night. Xi Fucun introduces professional corporation, exploration goes out ” village collective economy + the villager + enterprise ” completely shirt-sleeve joint development mode, development civilian constellation goes vacationing industry. Nowadays, the village had 30 farmer to develop civilian constellation, village collective income exceeded 900 thousand yuan last year, predict to achieve 2 million yuan this year. 4 years of time, face about of the fellow that raise a pig is civilian constellation shopkeeper, the exuviate of devious hamlet village of unknown to public turned the civilian constellation with famed far and near into industrial village. Civilian constellation industry just opens intelligent town to develop the one link that macrocosm travels. In recent years, drive intelligent town with ” red board storehouse + green leaves intelligent ” aid postpone macrocosm travel construction, expand continuously urine fruit industry, whole town cultivates an area to amount to 8153 mus, have a variety of 20 fruits such as grape, peach, Braun plum, “The countryside of urine fruit ” beautiful praise become famous saves inside and outside. Section of travel of urine fruit culture, National Day mobile criterion in a steady stream draws the distinguishing feature such as fine time ceaselessly all directions guest, income exceeds 110 million yuan related travel of whole 2018 town. Guard blue sky not to forget Chu Xinmeng wants to camp in base, the foreign visitor that ten countryside travel, a tent is pitched on the meadow of hollowness, wear hill wind, recount green dream. The top of head, it is numerous star is all over the sky. The beauty of blue sky is not without striking a blowing. Since blue sky guards battle start shooting, drive intelligent town ceaseless aggrandizement organizes safeguard, built blue sky to guard battle ” the secretary is caught, pay a scribe ” mechanism, insist to fulfil environmental protection party card to be the same as duty, one hillock double duty, neglect one’s duty is chased after duty system. Thorough and perfect reseau changes administrative pattern, innovation pollutes prevention and cure ” hope to hear ask cut ” law of the four methods of diagnosis observation. The Party member volunteer of each village delayed auspicious lotus big public house to still comprise patrol of prevention and cure of team of zoology civilization advise, pollution, annual discharges a class without round of resting hillock, volunteer participate in guard blue sky. The member that clean is protected to pressing down 143 completely at the beginning of 2019 begins blue sky bodyguard to combine qualification test, begin blue sky bodyguard to groom 8 times, undertake commending to pressing down bodyguard of 10 blue sky completely, every quarter mixes family of the village group cadre, Party member, member that protect clean sanitation of village ministry environment, ban light, rubbish classification circumstance brings into a quarter to assess appraise through comparison to need check content. Blue sky guarded battle coexist to punish contaminative road, open air to burn 2019 11, punish amount 7600 yuan. Normative market town manages, according to heavy canal canaliculus wisdom is in charge of a principle, 2 classification garbage can is set in market town 30, 4 classification ash-bin 80. Be in Hui Furong big public house personally now (greet on the west inn) how to press down, see blue sky white cloud only, green hill is verdant, green water is long flow. Number reads   5 million yuan of   2018, 10 villages year collective economy income achieves 100 thousand yuan of above entirely, xi Fucun year collective economy income exceeds 800 thousand yuan, gross breaks through 2.6 million yuan, income of new-style collective economy of country of whole 2019 town predicts to will exceed 5 million yuan. 2018 year of 110 million yuan of   will press down a tourist to amount to hotel of Vienna of in relief city of clear of 2.38 million person-time to massage, income exceeds 110 million yuan related travel. Industry of fruit of 8153 mus of urine, cultivate have the 20 many variety such as fruit of grape, peach, firedrake, Braun plum, whole town cultivates an area to amount to 8153 mus. 601   are harmless 2019 change wholesome toilet to transform the task to measure 600, already finished 601 at present, take the lead in entire county finishs the job before September 30; Among them drought lavatory transforms the task 138, already finished 207 at present, the job rate that finish 150% . Road of 680 kilometers sclerosis 680 kilometers, among them bitumen road surface is 182 kilometers, take the entire network that press down a road proportional 27% . Bring into road of network management conserve hotel of sauna of 514 kilometers Changsha, hold complete garrison post conserve is proportional 76% .

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